Monday, December 17, 2012

Mental health Legislated?! BA! HUMBUG!!

Seriously?!!! Now we are going to legislate who is a mental health threat?! Unbelievable! And just HOW will you do that!??? Lets see....those who take prescription drugs for mental health will no longer be able to purchase a gun....or perhaps those who go to therapy or counseling will no longer be able to purchase a gun....Hmmmmmm.....where will it begin and where will it end.....and who will be the ones who get to play god and decide.... I have had "mental illness" as far back as I can remember. I have been "diagnosed" now for many decades....I ....Own....Guns.....I have never once thought about shooting a class full of students, or postal workers, or my parents, or my spouse, nor have I ever considered blowing up a building like Timothy McVay!! But now we as a people or government or nation are going to start profiling and judging the mentally ill? When will we all recognize that EACH of us is part of the problem? We all meet or know people each and every day. None of us knows which of these people have the potential for mass murder, or single murder for that matter. Yet each of us, every day, are too busy or blinded to perhaps go out of our way to speak kindly to each other or simply stop and talk to someone about something other than the outward busy ness we share. How many of us choose to go deeper than the hurried surface of our lives with each other? How many of us are kind to those whose lives touch ours daily? Who of us takes time to care beyond our convienice? And yet we are quick to point fingers at those tortured souls who are lead to violence! WE ARE THE ENEMY! We as humanity have become to busy to care, to hurried to listen, to self absorbed to stop and look into the eyes of those we meet each day and be kind and compassionate. So why don't you legistlate THAT!! The problem is not keeping guns out of the hands of those with mental issues. It is the fact that people don't care about people. That we don't love our neighbors as ourselves. That we are not good samaritans with the guy packing your groceries, Or the family member we hold a grudge against. It is US who walk quickly past hurting people everyday of our lives. It is us who sit and talk with each other but who don't know each other. It is our lack of care, compassion, kindness, and love that spits out these mutants of society! Mutants because someone somewhere didn't care...didn't my friend says " when you point your finger at someone else, there are always 3 pointing back at you.....

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